Pubished in Revista Azahar 119, page 363


My Alcatraz

Published in Revista Azahar 118, page 339



Published in Revista Azahar 117, page 320



Published in Revista Azahar 116, page 328



Published in Revista Azahar 115, page 312


Dream Feaster

Published in Revista Azahar 111, page 322


When a Laugh Crinkles

Published in Revista Azahar 110, page 309


Be Still, My Spirit

Published in Revista Azahar 107, page 270


Wrought Streets

Published in Arcs prose poetry magazine, December 2020



Published in Revista Azahar 105, page 258



Published in The Bosphorus Review of Books, July 2020


Floating Lights

Published in Better Than Starbucks, September 2020

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Purple Shadows / Watermarked / Mirage

Published in Harbinger Asylum, Spring Edition 2020


An-Nur Al-Ain: frail light

Published in 2020 Summer Anthology: a Headrest for Your Soul by Other Worldly Women Press


Komorebi / Convalescence

Published by Other Worldly Women Press, May 2020



Published in Revista Azahar 103, page 212



Published in Revista Azahar 102, page 221



Published at Tepid Autumn (guest poet on blog of Nadia Gerassimenko)


My Alcatraz / I(n)scribe

Published in A Breath of Verses Anthology, 2019



Published in Awen 106, Atlantean Publishing, November 2019


Embracing the Calling

Published in View from Atlantis, Halloween Issue, October 2019


Voodoo / Fatigue / Boning Breaths

Published in The Sirens Call eZine, Issue 47, October 2019



Published in The Poetry Nook Anthology by Plum White Press, received an Honourable Mention in their 2017-2018 contests


Emergency Management

Published by Gli Amici di Guido Gozzano Cultural Association with an Honourable Mention, Event of 2019


Cobblestone Tears

Published in Saffron Flavoured Rock Candy anthology Volume II


Knowing Home

Published in DM du Jour



Published in DM du Jour, May 2019


Retrograde / Tacit / Tactile

Published in Danse Macabre, DM 121 (May 2019)


Inertia / Placate / I write without a muse / Your memories adorn my eyes / The night is out / When a laugh crinkles / Cobblestone Tears

Published in Duane’s PoeTree


Last Spring

Published at Bonnie’s Crew, Issue 3, June 2019



Published in Infernal Stars, Atlantean Publishing, 2018


Sea Moon

Published in The Metaworker, June 2018 posts


Olive Nest

Published at Fourth & Sycamore, June 2018 posts



Published in The Stray Branch, Spring/Summer Issue 2019



Published in Ivory and Rose Leaves, Atlantean Publishing, 2018



Published in Illumen [Alban Lake Publishing], Issue 31, April / Spring 2018


Bleeding Blackboards / Locating home / Becoming / Emergency Management 

Published in Scarlet Leaf Review, Print issue No. 4, September 2017



Published in Lonesome October Lit, October 2017 (Halloween Special)


Haveli / Symphony Tonight

Published in Down the Dirt [Scar Publications], February 2018 Issue v154


Poem Haveli also published in Accept Apart – 2018 poetry, flash fiction, prose & art collection anthology

Poem Symphony Tonight also published in The 2019 Literary Review Date Book


Bleed Glee

Published in East Coast Literary Review

Winter Edition Kindle