In no specific order:

An-Nur Al-Ain: Nakheelun Jameel

Published as Tuesday Poem on the website of Dami Ajayi


Published in Ladies of Horror Flash Project, December 2019


Published in The Poet by Day, In Memory of Reuben Woolley (I Am Not a Silent Poet), December 10, 2019


Published in The BeZine, Bardo Group, A Life of the Spirit themed Issue, December 15, 2019

Tonight They Wear Dark

Published in Ekphrastic Challenge – Fin de la Jornada by Emilio Boggio, November 2019


Published in Ekphrastic Challenge – El Conjuro by Francisco Goya, November 2019

Place I Understand / Maqaam

Published in Around the Fire – 8, Praxis Magazine

Poem, As Abstract Aphorisms

Published in Ekphrastic Challenge – Beyond the Storm by Dale Patterson, October 2019

Voodoo (ii) / Voodoo (iv) 

Published in The Sirens Call eZine, Issue 47, October 2019

The Definitive Time of Nothingness

Published in Kreative Diadem, October 2019

Northern Lights

Published in Ekphrastic ChallengeNighthawks by Edward Hopper, September 2019 posts

Shadow Cycles

Published in support of the UN Climate Change Summit 2019 by The Bardo Group, September 2019 posts

And They Tried / Black Petal / Among the Stalks

Published in Nthanda Review, September 2019

Sounding Bugles

Published in The BeZine (The Bardo Group), in association with 100TPC, Volume 6 Issue 3, September 2019


Published in Nadwah, Issue 7, October 2019

Voodoo (iii)

Published in House of Horrors 2 by Alien Buddha Press

Enter Their Homes

Published in Dissident Voice, September 2019 posts

For some reason / A Case of Bad Dreams

Published in Poets’ Espresso Review, Volume 13 Issue 7

Blood Orchids

Published in Tales from the Moonlit Path, Summer Issue, August 15, 2009


Published in Awen 104, Atlantean Publishing

Uncomfortably Unknown / Crow’s Silt

Published in Danse Macabre, DM 121 (May 2019)

Twenty-fifth Hour / Tarmac / Grit / Aging

Published in Setu, Volume 3, Issue 11, April 2019 Edition

Merkabah: The Wind Over the Mountains

Published at Nadwah, April 2019 issue


Published in House of Horrors by Alien Buddha Press, March 2019

An-Nur Al-Ain: Somewhere Greater / Your scalp is spitting

Published at Praxis Magazine, April 2019


Published in Poets’ Espresso Review, Volume 13 Issue 5


Published in Poets’ Espresso Review, Volume 13 Issue 6


Published in Strange Horizons, May 2019

Auspice / Sphere / Unwound

Published at The Song Is, June 2019 posts