Publications 2018

In no specific order:


Red on Pluto / I, Phaedra

Published in Scarlet Leaf Review, December 2018


Cups and Pentacles

Published in Visual Verse, Volume 5, Chapter 12, October 2018


Walking on Water / Moon-Tropes / Medusa Finds Love

Published in The Freezine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Issue 22, September 2018


Reaching the Gardens

Published at Literary Heist, September Edition 2018


Sew / If there was a way

Published in The Beautiful Space – A Journal of Mind, Art and Poetry, October 2018 posts


Implicit Sage

Published in SurVision Magazine, Issue #4, December 2018



Published in Vita Brevis, July 2018


Home, As a Series of Outbreaks

Published in Red Wolf Journal, Spring/Summer 2018 Issue 13


The Chronology of Hair / Bermuda Triangle

Published in Hobo Camp Review,  Issue 35, Autumn 2018


Helixes / Shadows fall

Published in Ariel Chart, September 2018


Spectral Leftovers 

Published in Infernal Stars, Atlantean Publishing, 2018


Entering Spirit Realm

Published in Polu Texni, September 2018 posts


Pledge, Turn and Prestige

Published at Eye to the Telescope, Issue #29, July 2018



Published in Pedestal Magazine, Issue 82, June 2018


The eyes on Hera

Published in Three Drops from a Cauldron, Issue 23, August 2018


Metallic Cyclone / The heel that breaks away from its sole / Pre-Autumn 

Published by Madness Muse Press LLC, May 2018 posts



Published in The Metaworker, July 2018 posts


Desert Magnolia 

Published at Fourth & Sycamore, June 2018 posts


An-Nur Al-Ain: Manzilat

Published at Whispers, April 2018 posts



Published in Abyss and Apex, Issue 66: 2nd Quarter 2018


My country calls it weeping

Published in Mobius: The Journal of Social Change


Minbar / Tasbeeh

Published in Uppagus, Issues #28 and #30


Gallows / Locating Home / Placate / Dream Feaster 

Published at Duane’s PoeTree


Persephone makes winter / Current / Tarot Love

Published in Eclectica


Fatigue [page 42]

Published in Auk Contraire, Haunted Issue [4th issue], February 2018



Published in Ivory and Rose Leaves, Atlantean Publishing, 2018


Nova Nadir

Published in Dreams and Nightmares, DN 108, January 2018


Hayaat / Gold

Published in Poetry Repairs, #245 18.01, January 2018



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