Publications 2017

In no specific order:



Published at Poetry Super Highway, December 2017


Boning Breaths

Published in Visual Verse, Volume 5 Chapter 1, November 2017



Published in Visual Verse, Volume 4 Chapter 12, October 2017


New Dawn / Descent / Esplanade by a Mangata / An-Nur Al-Ain: Morsel / An-Nur Al-Ain: against the dying light

Published in Peacock Journal, November 2017



Published in Parentheses Journal, Issue 2, September 2017



Song of the Silent Woods

Published in Lonesome October Lit, September 2017


Two Crows in a Bin / You won’t believe

Published at The Song Is…,August 2017 posts



Published in Firefly Magazine, Issue 11 [XI]

poem on old link


Moon in the Window / light has climbed

Published in Firefly Magazine, Issue 12 [XII]



Published in Waxing & Waning, Issue 02, September 2017


Stoic / Catalogued

Published in Awen 97 (Atlantean Publishing), August 2017 Issue


Entrapment / Collector

Published in Awen 98 (Atlantean Publishing), November 2017 Issue


Hermitage / O Ye Skies, open to / Star’s Song / The same moment / An-Nur Al-Ain: Elaahi

Published in New Mystics, October 2017


Bruise / Athene / An-Nur Al-Ain: lock and key / Dust Star / Outage  

Published in New Mystics, August 2017


Lord of Light (page 26)

Published in Sentinel Literary Quarterly, July 2017 Issue



Published at Poetry Bay, Fall/Winter 2017 Issue



Published in Cruel Garters, Issue 9


Unwritten Sheet / Unravel / Stygian Winter

Published at Beneath the Rainbow


Listen / Debris

Published at Duane’s PoeTree


Abeyance / Expat

Published in Allegro Poetry, Issue 14, September 2017


Shades of Nostalgia

Published in Grey Sparrow Journal, Summer 2017, Issue 30


You there!

Published at Spillwords, July 2017


Nebula Isis / The Telepathy Treatment

Published in Star*Line Journal, Issue 40.3



Published in Down in the Dirt [Scars Publications]

Print, February 2018 Issue v154

Also published in Natural Light – 2018 poetry, flash fiction, prose & art anthology


Unshed [page 36]

Published in Clockwise Cat, Issue 37


Keep me Unbled [page 68]

Published in GloMag, July 2017 issue

Photograph ‘Floating Unto Eternity‘ by Suvojit Banerjee


Istikhara – Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3

Published in The Seventh Quarry, Issue 26, Summer / Autumn 2017


The Big Dipper

Published in Visual Verse: An Anthology of Arts and Words, Volume 4 Chapter 8, May 2017


Tacit / Tactile / Retrograde

Published in Section 8 Magazine, May 2017



Published in  Futures Trading, Issue 5.1




Published at Duane’s PoeTree, May 2017 posts



Published in Picaroon Poetry, Issue 8, May 2017



Published in GloMag, May 2017 issue

Photograph ‘Sunset on Steroids‘ by Suvojit Banerjee 



Published in Red River Review, Issue 63, May 2017


If one were to look

Published in ITCH: 20 Vision


An-Nur Al-Ain: frail light

Published at Whispers, April 2017 posts


Bone Gardens

Published in Visual Verse: An Anthology of Arts and Words, Volume 4 Chapter 6, April 2017


Fuchsia Leaf

Published in GloMag, April 2017 issue

Photograph ‘Artificial Ecosystems‘ by Suvojit Banerjee


Red Ribbons / Unrequited / Mo(u)rns / Expectancy / Versions / Your Belvedere Face

Published at Medusa’s Kitchen, April 2017 posts


Breakable Water

Published in Otoliths, Issue 45

Print Part 1 / Part 2


Last Spring

Published at Poppy Road Review, April 2017 posts


Cobblestone Tears

Published at Black Poppy Review, April 2017 posts


Equilibrium (page 230-231)

Published in GloMag, March 2017 issue

Photograph ‘Lunar Flood, 02’ by Suvojit Banerjee


The Politics with my Phone / The Ghost called Truth

Published in CultureCult Magazine, Issue 7

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Published in Sentinel Literary Quarterly, April – June 2017 Issue






Published in First Literary Review – East, May 2017 Issue



Published in First Literary Review – East, March 2017 Issue




Published at Duane’s PoeTree, March 2017 posts


Flee(t)ing / Catatonia / There are ablutions many [page 29-31]

Published in The Blue Mountain Review, Issue 7, Spring 2017



Published in Page & Spine, March 2017 posts



Published in Wimpole Street Gazette, Issue 2, Spring 2017


Bland / Take me out of my head / Aging Backwards

Published at Walking Is Still Honest [W.I.S.H], February 2017 posts



Published in Full of Crow, Winter 2017 Issue


Swaying Crows / Reins

Published on the blog of Marianne SzlykThe Song is‘, February 2017 posts



Published at Whispers, February 2017 posts



Published in GloMag, February 2017 (print) issue


Rights (page 205)

Published in GloMag, January 2017 issue

Photograph ‘Noir, 01’ by Suvojit Banerjee



Published in Qu – A Contemporary Literary Magazine from Queens University Charlotte, January 2017 posts


I wonder about Light

Published at Praxis Magazine, January 2017 posts