Publications 2016


In no specific order :


When comes a day

Published at, February 2017 posts


Backlash / Floating Lights / Skinfall / Capricorn / Insecure / Encroach / Agrieve 

Published in Section 8 Magazine, December 2016 posts



Published in Visual Verse, Volume 4 Chapter 2, December 2016



Published at Whispers, December 2016 posts


Freer Obsessive

Published at Duane’s PoeTree, December 2016 posts


A Neruda Night

Published in Dime Show Review

Volume 2 Issue 1 available in print Amazon Prime

Volume 2 Issue 1 available in print Createspace



Published in GloMag, November 2016


Cliff tops / Paper Windmill / Kotri Bridge

Published at Winamop, November 2016



Lost in Translation

Published in The Ekphrastic Review: writing and art on art and writing

with Suvojit Banerjee’s sketch ‘Meet Me in Montauk’


If I were a love poem

Published in If I Poetry and Prose Series by Silver Birch Press



Published in Madness Muse Magazine, Issue 2 – The Black Horse – Depression Issue


The bridge shows no remorse / Beauty’s Survival Techniques / High School

Published in Synchronized Chaos, October 2016


Love Disease / Mysticism

Published in Anti-Heroin Chic, October 2016



Published in Visual Verse, Volume 3 Chapter 12, October 2016


Embracing the Calling

Published at Fickle Muses


Fine Print / Conquer

Published in Blood Moon Rising, Issue 66, October 2016


Evil Eye

Published in Fauna Quarterly, Issue 3, August 2016


Locating home

Published in Juncture Review (poem translated in German, Spanish & Farsi)


The Sophist / Take me where fireworks implode / Deplete

Published in Degenerate Literature, Issue 10


Face Off (page 203)

Published in GloMag, September 2016 Issue



Published in When I Moved Prose and Poetry Series by Silver Birch Press



Published at Whispers, September 2016 posts


A moment of consequence

Published at Duane’s PoeTree, September 2016 posts


Karma / Metamorphosis / Cedar / Meeting Halfway

Published by The Piker Press 


Forgetting You / Paralysed

Published in Tigershark Magazine, Issue 11



Published in Visual Verse, Volume 3 Chapter 11, September 2016


Merjaan / Thinners / Heirloom

Published at In Between Hangovers



Published in Five 2 One Magazine, Issue 13



Published at Mad Swirl


Sea Moon / Olive Nest

Published at Public Pool


Black Swans (page 64) 

Published in GloMag, August 2016 Issue



Published in Visual Verse, Volume 3 Chapter 10, August 2016


Haveli / Bleeding Blackboards / Becoming / Symphony Tonight / Pinjr

Published in Danse Macabre, DM 99

Pinjr has been collaborated with Suvojit Banerjee


When I was / The False Prophet

Published at Asian Signature, Volume 3 No. 2, August 2016


Against Odds (page 19)

Published in Ink In Thirds, Issue 4, August 2016


Derm-eaten (page 19)

Published in The Bitchin’ Kitsch, August 2016 Issue


Golden Reeds

Published at Whispers, July 2016 posts



Published in Visual Verse, Volume 3 Chapter 9, July 2016


Allegro / Emancipation

Included in Responses to Burnt Men by Oluwasegun Romeo Oriogun, Around This Fire II by Praxis Magazine



Published by Silver Birch Press, My Imaginary Skill poetry and prose series


Cycle (page 49)

Published in GloMag, June 2016 Issue


Satin Moon / Backward Wind / Aspect

Published in Praxis Magazine, June 2016 posts



Published at Immagine & Poesia’s blog Imagespoetry, June 2016 posts

Photograph ‘Snowflakes‘ by Suvojit Banerjee

Also appearing amongst the 2016 contest entries at the site of Gli Amici di Guido Gozzano


I break a comb

Published at Your One Phone Call, June 2016 posts



Published in Visual Verse, Volume 3 Chapter 8, June 2016



Published at Duane’s PoeTree, June 2016 posts


Khair al Barriyah

Published in About Place Journal – Black Earth Institute, Section 2 of Volume IV Issue I, Reimagine Everything Differently, May 2016


Fire at Koh Samui / Blue Dawn at Koh Samui / One cannot write about shadows

Published in Indiana Voice Journal, Issue # 22, May 2016



Published at Random Poem Tree, May 2016 posts



Published at Whispers, May 2016 posts



Included in Responses to The Ikemefuna Tributaries, Epistle 1: a parable of paranoia by JK Anowe, Around This Fire I by Praxis Magazine



Published in Off the Coast, Spring 2016 Issue – The Strong Indifferent Wind


Sister of Secrets [SOS]

Published in Visual Verse, Volume 3 Chapter 7, May 2016


Being Poetry (pages 46-50)

Published in Hall of Poets International, Issue 12 June-July 2016

Posted in Kibatek 40 – Global Poetry and Literary Festival – Dubai

Blog of Anca Mihaela Bruma


Purple Shadows / Wrought Streets / Bough

Published in Sick Lit Magazine, May 2016 themed issue Nostalgia



Published in Poetic Diversity: litzine of los angeles, Volume 13 Number 1, April 2016 online issue


Salt / Invariability

Published in The Mind[less] Muse, April 2016 posts


Green Bench / Perhaps / Impasse

Published in Prachya Review, April 2016 issue


What about the sea / Will these mountains / still arriving (villanelle)/ The hour of night walked over

Published in Scarlet Leaf Review, Issue 4 April 2016


soaked almonds

Published in Visual Verse, Volume 3 Chapter 6



Published in In-flight Literary Magazine, Issue 7


Sticks and Stones

Published in Duane’s PoeTree, April 2016 posts


Psyche / Hexed / Arkenstone / Deaf Eurydice / Echo’s Narcissus / This November Night / Leafed / A Lost Echo

Published in The Peregrine Muse


Mirage / Watermarked

Published in Sick Lit Magazine, Women’s Writing Month



Published in Halcyon Days, Issue 1


Black Pyramids / Re-wintering / Stagnant / Necromancer / The dead light 

Published in The Stray Branch, Spring/Summer 2016 Issue


Whispers’ March Special Poetry Activity – From London Airport



Published in Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine, Issue 12, March 2016


Rue / Fireworks

Published in Leaves of Ink, March 2016 posts


The oath of silence 

Published in Duane’s PoeTree, March 2016 posts


Charcoal has settled on stars 

Published in Whispers, March 2016 posts



Published in Visual Verse, Volume 3 Chapter 5


Yank / Allergy / When nothing remains

Published in Dead Snakes, February 2016 posts



Published in The Mind[less] Muse, February 2016 posts



Published in Whispers, February 2016 posts (Collaborative poem with Suvojit Banerjee)



Published in Visual Verse, Volume 3 Chapter 4


The way we kill lizards / The moon will pass through

Published in 1947 a literary journal, January 2016 posts


Opportunity Cost

Published in The Poet Community (Best Poetry Online) 


Whispers’ January Special Activity  – Form Tien


Complexity / Trust

Published in Tuck Magazine



Published in The Tower Journal, Spring 2016, Volume 8, No.1


You drowned tonight

Published at Poetry Life & Times



Published at Whispers, January 2016 posts



Published in Uut Poetry 



Published in Visual Verse, Volume 3 Chapter 3



Published in Jellyfish Whispers, January 2016  posts


Page / Seguing

Published in In-flight Literary Magazine, Issue 6


Invisible Rose

Published in Me, in Fiction Series by Silver Birch Press

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