Publications 2015

In no specific order :


Voodoo / Origami

Published in Pyrokinection (posts of January 2015)



Published in The Word Couch, Issue 2

Republished in Whispers, September 2015 posts


Graffiti / The Hunt / Tyranny / War / Oh, wintry [pages 9 – 14]

Published in A New Ulster, Issue 28



Published in Shot Glass Journal, Issue # 15


City of Lights

Published on the blog of Silver Birch Press (Where I Live Poetry Series)


Greased / Spatial 

Published in Mad Swirl


Write me, Saudade / Affixed / One-sided / I try magic / Spare

Published in Knot Magazine, Winter Issue 2015


Seekers / Revolution / I found the water in pieces / Training in an afternoon / Skewed

Published at The Camel Saloon


Debate / Weekend

Published in East Jasmine ReviewVolume 2 Issue 4


Clean Sheet

Published in Right Hand Pointing, Issue # 86


Van Gogh’s starry / Strife / Solstice

Published in Poetry Pacific, Spring Issue 2015


Today, my tears

Published in Whispers, May 2015 posts


Simple Complexity

Published in DM du jour  


(Be)fitting / Weep / The Visitors / Comprehensibly Cloudy / Restitution

Published in Danse Macabre, DM 91


Dharna / Order

Published in Learning & Creativity


In Kafka Dreams

Published in Whispers, May 2015 posts (Collaborative poem with Suvojit Banerjee)


Emergency Management 

Published in Knot Magazine, Spring 2015 Issue


Knowing Home

Published in The Stardust Gazette, Issue 2


P for Peshawar / Jabberwocky / Trice

Published in Dissident Voice



Published in Wilderness House Literary Review, Issue 38 (Volume 10 No. 2)



Published in Whispers, July 2015 posts


Subversive [page 24]

Published in Yellow Chair Review, Issue 3, August 2015



Published in Gnarled Oak, Issue 4: A Parachute in the Wind



Published by Silver Birch Press, My Metamorphosis series


rolling docks (found villanelle) 

Published by Silver Birch Press, celebrating the 109th birthday of F. Scott Fitzgerald


Route / Alchemical / Quiescence [pages 24 – 25]

Published in Atrocity Exhibition, September 2015 posts


Titan / Solace

Published in Transcendent Zero Press, Fall Edition 2015


Understanding Alchemy 

Published in Poetic Diversity: litzine of los angeles, Volume 12 Number 2/ November 2015 online issue


Neurosis / Circumlocution / Threshold 

Published in Napalm and Novocain, October 2015 posts


I was seen by the wind chime

Published in Visual Verse, Volume 2 Chapter 12



Published in Visual Verse, Volume 3 Chapter 1


The night didn’t cascade

Published in Whispers, November 2015 posts



Published in Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts, Volume 2 No. 1 (page 70)


Be still, my spirit / Show / My lips part / Peacemaker

Published in Nazar Look, Issue 45 (pages 61-64)


What Love

Published in Visual Verse, Volume 3 Chapter 2



Published at I am not a silent poet


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