Publications 2014

In no specific order :


Someplace everywhere

Published in Eunoia Review (January 2014)


I revive the discarded

Published in Agave Magazine, Volume 1 Issue 2 (Winter/Spring 2014)

(find my poem on page 39)



Published in The Corner Club Press, Volume 3 Issue 12

(find my poem on page 8)


My Alcatraz

Published in Earthen Lamp Journal, themed issue – Guilt.



Published in American Diversity Report.




Published in Aquill Relle, Magazine 10.



Published in The Cherry Muse


Coalescence / The Ring of Serendipity

Published in Ann Arbor Review, AAR #13, Spring/Summer 2014 issue



Published in Number 6 : Vortice 2014 – The Eye of the Needle Series (The Camel Saloon).


Halved Sanity

Published on the blog of Silver Birch Press (Half New Year Series)



Published on the blog of Silver Birch Press  (Self-Portrait Series)


The Crimson Tiding

Published by The Bactrian Room.

Co-authored with Suvojit Banerjee


Deflect / Offer

Published in Sunlit, Fall 2014 Issue.



Published in The Rainbow Journal, Issue # 5 (Theme: Birthday)


Coelho’s Desert / Santiago

Published in Carcinogenic Poetry (Virgogray Press)


A Lost Echo

Published in on the blog of Silver Birch Press (Mythic Poetry Series)


When it is night

Published in The Word Couch, Issue 1.


Supplementary / 12.05 / The Life Online / Look at me / Aloft / Sort me

Published in Ygdrasil, A Journal of The Poetic Arts, November 2014 Issue.

The Life Online had also been recited at the worldwide event 100 Thousand Poets for Change, of the one held in Larissa, Greece on September 27, 2014.


I Ask You Not / Let me / Only You, Love (pages 7 & 8)

Recited at the event Romantic Poetry Evening Under The Full Moon held at Mesaggala Beach, Tempi, Greece on August 10, 2014.


Idleness / Torpor Sun / Incoherence

Published in Mad Swirl 


Taming Poseidon / Designing Caduceus / Immortal Limbs / Subjugation / The Unserved Justice / Zeus / I cut water

Published in Mediterranean Poetry – an odyssey through the mediterranean world 



Published in Poems and Poetry



Published in Poems and Poetry [Best Poetry Online] 



Published on the blog of Silver Birch Press (I Am Waiting Poetry Series)


Blue Moon

Published in The Penwood Review, Spring Issue 2014


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