Some of my poems that appear in anthologies by various publishers/compilers.

Listing in no specific order:

Misty / Aristocracy / Like grand menial things

Published in Whispers of Soflay Yearly International Anthology of Poetry, Volume 4 by Soflay INC.

Mirrored Time

Published in Roseate Sonnet Anthology by The Significant League, October 2020

Segueing (Bez Interwalu)

Published (in Polish translation) in Metafory Wspolczesnosci anthology, 2020

An-Nur Al-Ain: Heaven Closest to Home / Merkabah: The Loops on Webs / Manora

Published in Whispers of Soflay Anthology, Volume 3 by Soflay INC 

Reflection / Repurposing Closure

Published in anthology by Guerrilla Genesis Press, Volume 1

Zojaj (iii)

Published in Immagine & Poesia anthology, Volume 7, 2020 (page 30)

In collaboration with a photograph entitled ‘Dark Coffee’ by Suvojit Banerjee


Published in Las mil Frases anthology by Alfred Asis from Chile

Shudder and Seize /Bottled Jinn

Published in The Concrete Mist Press Anthology


Published in Chrysanthemum Poetry Anthology

Song of the Blue Vein / The Tusk of the Whale

Published in Narwhal’s Lament, Madness Muse Press

Chiron’s Nest

Published in Mini Anthology by Alban Lake Publishing 

Doubt not

Published in Universal Oneness: An Anthology Magnum Opus Poems from around the world anthology, Authorspress India

Amazon link 

Rough Lines / #inbetweensonnets

Published in Epiphanies and Late Realizations of Love: an anthology, Transcendent Zero Press

Plight of the Psyche / Mis-bordered

Published in Strangers in a Strange Land: Immigrant Stories anthology, Down and Out Books


Published in Around The Fire – 7, response to ‘every evening is december’ by j.lewis (Praxis Magazine)

Forget she has grown / Coping

Published in Muffled Moans Unleashed: An Anthology on Abuse/Gender Violence 

Note to Self: remember the discovery

Published in Tranquility Anthology by Kind of a Hurricane Press

At Midnight: Down in the Dirt Magazine, January – April 2018 issue collection book

Tectonic / Towering Spring

Published in Persian Sugar in English Tea anthology, Volume II


Published in Beyond the Hills Anthology by Lost Tower Publications


Published in Peeking Cat Anthology 2017

An-Nur Al-Ain: the gesture of hair [page 16]

Published in International Women’s Day 2017 Anthology by Praxis Online

Feet in Heels / Contraption / Sanctum / Jade / Holy / Being river and sea / Insomnia / Omen / Purple Honey / Intransigence

Published in Resurrection of a Sunflower (Van Gogh Anthology) by Pski’s Porch Publishing

Sake [poem #15]

Published in An Anthology of Poems on Autism Awareness by Different Truths

Blood September

Published in Headlines and Tragedies by Lady Chaos Press

Sables / Voyager

Published in Where Are You From? A Bilingual Anthology in Persian and English

Tides of Fortune

Published in Along the Shore Anthology by Lost Tower Publications


Published in Image and Poetry Book 2017 Volume 4 by Immagine and Poesia

Sagittarius / Philomel Syndrome

Published in Mytho Anthology, published by Poets, Artists Unplugged, printed by Authorspress India

Book Launch held at National Museum, Delhi on December 11, 2016

English section edited by me.

Firestone / Warding / Rescue / Red Cloud

Published in The Dark Ones: Tales and Poems of the Shadow Gods by Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Generic Platitudes

Published in Selfhood: Varieties of Experience: an anthology for the faint of heart by Transcendent Zero Press


Published in The Poetry of Flowers by Lost Tower Publications


Published in Nancy Drew Anthology by Silver Birch Press

A Shrubbery [page 7]

Published in ‘My Love 4‘, an anthology by Wordjar Publishing

Comfort Soul [page 83]

Published in e-book ‘Aqueous‘ by Solstice Initiative

Gone / Love has become a sin / You’ve to go

Published in valentine themed anthology ‘Heartstrings‘ by Poets Corner


Published in Intercontinental Anthology of Poetry on Universal Peace

What which is supposed / The Dictation

Published in Coffee Shop Blues – An International Literary Journal (Issue One)  by Coffee Shop Blues

Halved Sanity

Published in Half New Year: A Collection of Poetry About Midpoints by Silver Birch Press (Volume 8)


Published in Twenty Seven Signs – Poetry Anthology by Lady Chaos Press


Published in Bukowski Erasure Poetry Anthology by Silver Birch Press


Published in Self-Portrait Poetry Anthology by Silver Birch Press

Ebony / Alzheimer’s

Published in Switch (The Difference) Anthology by Kind of a Hurricane Press


Published in Storm Cycle – 2014 Best of Anthology by Kind of a Hurricane Press

Vegetative / Plunge / Moving On / Ability

Published in The Squire : Page-A-Day Poetry Anthology 2015 by Writing Knights Press


Published in Resonating String anthology by Poets, Artists Unplugged (Facebook poetry group)

Book launch held at Sutlej Club, Ludhiana, Punjab, India on March 8, 2015 (for International Women’s Day)

Snow’s White Night / Being Rapunzel

Published in Twice Upon a Time Anthology by Kind of a Hurricane Press


Published in The Significant Anthology by The Significant League (Rejected Stuff) (Facebook poetry group)

Author’s Bio


Published in Resonance anthology by Poets, Artists Unplugged (Facebook poetry group)

Book launch held at Press Club India, Delhi, India on April 26, 2015

Anthology  co-edited by me (English section)


Published in The Great Gatsby Anthology by Silver Birch Press


Published in Ghosts Anthology by The Main Street Rag publishing

Gait / The Eye of the Bark

Published in Umbilical Chords : An Anthology on Parents Remembered by The Significant League (Rejected Stuff) (Facebook poetry group)

Alice’s Dream

Published in Alice in Wonderland Anthology by Silver Birch Press

Khedni Ma’ak

Published in Colours of Refuge anthology by Poets, Artists Unplugged (Facebook poetry group)

Book launch held at Civil Officers Services Institute, New Delhi, India on January 28, 2016

Anthology edited by me (English section)

Show me

Published in The Aquillrelle Wall of Poetry – Book 5

Lifting the Cloche (poem #22)

Published in Songs of the Earth: An Anthology of World Environment Day Poems by Different Truths


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